Magick Is Free

Here you can find and download what I have written.


Tools, supplements

  • Here’s some New Weird Magic Spells following the rules in both Vaginas are Magic! and Eldritch Cock.
  • The Magic Laboratory, house rules for creating magic-user labs and research new spells and other magic-related activities.
  • Here’s A Tome of Weird Artifacts, a collection of black metal bands and magick masks and weapons fot your OSR games. It’s free but you can tip me if you want, but please don’t feel you have to. I’m not here for the money, I’m here for blood and souls.
  • ZWEIHÄNDER Grim & Perilous Guideline to Character Creation, both a blog entry and a PDF for your convenience.
  • Random Enemies Table. If you need some bandits, city guards, werewolves or squid cultists for your players to kill and rob, this table will help you assigning their main stats and some quirks.
  • Referee Table. This table will allow you to track many elements of the game, specially in a dungeon crawl. Every 3 turns, make a random encounters check; mark a circle each turn; 6 turns make an hour; 8 hours make a watch; lanterns light for 24 turns, candles for 12 and torches for 6. All that is in the table and more.
  • Running (and basically understanding) Silent Titans is not easy task! Here’s how you run the mini-game “Mouse Box”.
  • Another Fool For Your Adventures! A supplement for Into the Odd. This book is a collection of Replacement Adventurers, for those times when a Player Characters dies and you need a quick replacement but don’t have the time to think about a concept.
  • This is how Sneak Attacks works in LotFP.
  • Simple grappling rules. Grappling is a nightmare, but these rules turn the nightmare in a fun tavern brawl. Enjoy throwing peasants against tables and holding a city guard while your friends kick his ass.
  • Bushcraft in the dungeon. Some tables to find food in a dungeon, the effects it has to eat them and the effects food deprivations has on the characters. It includes “The store of the underworlds”, and a spider from Mars.





Jorge Jaramillo Villarruel nació y vive en Ciudad de México. Ha colaborado en BOLIVIA TRES PUNTO CERO con ficciones quincenales. Editó la revista digital TRANSEÚNTES, en el INJUVE DF. Ha publicado cuentos, crónicas y ensayos en revistas digitales e impresas. Fue finalista en el Rodeo de Palabras 2007, en el periódico EXPRESO de Sonora y segundo lugar en el XIV Concurso Internacional de Cuento Navideño, Súbito, Breve y Electrónico (2011) de editorial Ficticia. Participó en la ANTOLOGÍA MEXICANA DEL ZOMBIE y en LOVECRAFT: UN TRIBUTO MEXICANO, publicados por El Under Ediciones. Fue invitado a participar en ALEBRIJE DE PALABRAS: ESCRITORES MEXICANOS EN BREVE, antología editada por la Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla (México), institución que también publicó su primera novela, LOS ELEFANTES SON CONTAGIOSOS, ganadora de la convocatoria para la colección ‘René Avilés Fabila’ 2014. Aparece en la antología THE BEST OF SPANISH STEAMPUNK, de la editorial Nevsky (España). Sus cuentos son materia curricular en la asignatura de “Lengua española, arte y literatura”, en el Tecnológico de Monterrey, campus Toluca.

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