Consequences of using magic

Last time I wrote about how to make spell acquisition more interesting for a Lamentations of the Flame Princess game, and also about the consequences there are when playing with the black arts.

Over on Reddit, Alistair49 mentioned other cosequences to using magic. I compiled his ideas and added several more on this table. Some I came up with and others were stolen.

Whenever a magic-user casts a spell (successfully or not), he rolls 1d100, and in a 1, he reduces his Charisma by one point, representing the gradual loss of his ability to connect to other people.

When magic-users lose a point of Charisma they also suffer a change, and expression of magic’s chaotic nature. The referee rolls 1d3, or chooses one category. 1 = Physical, 2 = Behavior, 3 = Metaphysical. Then rolls 1d10 to know the actual change.

1d10 Physical Behavior Metaphysical
1 warts bad temper casts bestial shadow
2 skin color change alcoholic or addicted shadow moves oddly
3 rash of sores careless crows follow you
4 odd smell bad language, can’t control it an imp suckles you in public
5 magic healing won’t work berserk (save vs magic or attack evident lawfuls) dogs bark at you all the time
6 vestigial fingers sprout from knuckles can’t talk without screaming roll CHA tests twice, choose the worse result
7 hirsute hair on the back of the neck fear of the dark shiny red eyes watch you from dark corners
8 insectile eyes you hate dogs, really hate them wandering monsters appear in 2 in 6*
9 miniature ears all over the body, partial ecolocation develops an antisocial or disturbing obssession faith symbols harm you
10 face scarred with symbols you think everyone are stupid and don’t hide it ¡the voices! ¡the voices!

* If wandering monsters appear in a 1 in 6 chance, now they appear in a 2 in 6 chance; adjust this accordingly.

If you have another takes on how chaos manifests on their servants, give us a comment and I’ll gladly include them in a future entry.


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