“I eat the monster!” Now see what happens

Eating monsters? Why, yes! Monster meat (and flesh) have special properties that vary a lot depending on the creature’s diet and habits when before you killed it. When you eat a monster (or a portion), roll d20 on the next table.

Note that stats are written for Into the Odd. WIL (Willpower) roughly equals WIS (Wisdom). Armour 1 means an armour denies one point of damage. A Full Rest is a week, or the time you need to recover all your hp. Impaired means all your attacks cause d4 Damage, in other games it can be Disadvantage or ignore all to-hit bonuses. Saves are what most games call roll under your ability as well as Saving Throws.

1 STR and hp are restored
2 WIL is increased in 1 permanently
3 If you find a monster like the one you just ate, you can control it
4 On full moon, you transform in a monster like it
5 Lose all hp. After a Full Rest, your awake with an Armour 1 layer of nutshell hard skin
6 A week later, your claws grow and cause d4 damage; a year later, they cause d6 damage
7 You can’t recover after a Full Rest if you don’t eat or drink human or ape flesh or blood
8 Overnight, you grow a monkey-like tail
9 You’re blind! No, wait. Not blind. After a night’s sleep you can see ghosts and dead people
10 Your head changes into a dog’s head, d6 Bite. To talk, make a WIL save or start barking
11 Poisonous! Suffer d20 Damage
12 Same effect as being drunk. You are Impaired for the next 24 hours starting now
13 What’s that itching? Allergy? You scratch (choose where), now you have skeletal a part
14 Your legs become a bird’s legs. Your DEX saves related to movement and speed are +2
15 You wake up the next day covered in thick hirsute black hair
16 Your skin becomes blue, people think you’re cute
17 From now on, you must eat the flesh of monsters once a week or suffer d20 Damage
18 You can’t drink water again, it deals d10 Damage (and Impaired.) Blood, on the other hand
19 You can’t stand cooked meat, it must be raw. Eat and STR save or be Impaired for d4 days
20 Each morning WIL save or a parasite (and maybe the Referee) controls you for the day

What else? Well, if you want, I mean if you really need to know what happens when an idiot adventurer smokes a magic scroll (and of course you need to!), Tamás Kisbali has put together this very useful table.



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