1d10 things you find when you walk the line between good and evil and open a door without caution

In LotFP it’s pretty common to find weird shit. I bring you 1d10 things you find when you walk the line between good and evil and open a door without caution. You know, when you didn’t search for traps and the like.

Roll 1d10

  1. Alien Sex Fiend
  2. Mine’s Full of Maggots
  3. Instant Karma Sutra
  4. Ignore The Machine
  5. Wild Women
  6. Black Rabbit
  7. Eat! Eat! Eat!
  8. Breakdown And Cry
  9. Here Cum Germs
  10. B – B – Bone Boogie


Alien Sex Fiend

Armour: 12
Hit Dice: 4
Movement: 120′ (40′)
Attacks: Eye Beam or Warp Speech
Damage: d8 or d4 Int
Morale: 9

Like a Cousin Itt formed of toxic green dildos, going bald. It’s black and resembles a bowler hat.

Eye Beam: Shoots pink rays through the (concealed) eyes for a d8 damage.

Warp Speech: It emits a warped sounds that harms your mind, dealing d4 Int temporary damage. You recover one point per day you don’t engage in adventuring activities, plus an additional point if in complete isolation.

Mine’s Full of Maggots

The door opens to a mine’s gallery full of maggots. Save vs death or die buried under tons of maggots.

Instant Karma Sutra

Yes, your are fucked… save or die.

You activated a trap. A sharp pointy stick comes from the ground below you, penetrating your soft skin, intestines, lungs and, finally, brain. Unless you succeed the saving throw, of course.

Ignore The Machine

You hear a robotic voice telling you forbidden things. Save vs magic device to ignore it. Fail and you’ll be mentally irradiated and suffer a mutation. Roll d4:

  1. Take your lowest ability, substitute it with your Int. If Int was your lowest, then reduce it in one point.
  2. Your pores constantly suppurate a wild green fiendish liquid. When you make a melee attack and hit your enemy, he must save vs poison or take an additional damage of d4. Whoever has physical contact with you suffers the same damage.
  3. Information overload! Gain Int 18. Also, you no longer care any more. About nothing! You are the true neutral, you break allegiance to either Chaos or Law, you fucking nihilist. You are still controlled by the same player, but won’t pursue evil or good goals per evil’s or good’s sake. You will only just because, because dying and living is the same, you might as well act, it really helps to break the monotony.
  4. Oops! Wrong planet. You suddenly remember you are not human. What you actually are, it’s up to your referee, but it will be something nasty and alien and super cool.

Wild Women

When the next encounter escalates into violent conflict, all the women in the party go wild, receiving a +2 to their attacks and an extra Hit Die for the duration of the encounter.

Black Rabbit

An obsidian earring in the shape of an stylized moon and rabbit. The wearer gets a +1 to their Dex-related rolls, and a +1 AC penalty.

Eat! Eat! Eat!

A savage, zombie-like hunger fills you. You buddies look tasty, by the way. Attack! And eat them.

Breakdown And Cry

Save vs paralysis or, during your next combat you will remember something you don’t want to talk about, then breakdown and cry, losing d4 rounds.

Here Cum Germs

You breathe in a gas cloud. Save vs poison or contract a disease. Starting the next day, after making an attack you must save vs poison or lose 1d3 rounds due to cough (if you have a shield, during this time it doesn’t provide its armor bonus). This effect persists for d4 + 2 days.

B – B – Bone Boogie

Armour: 14
Hit Dice: Special (see below)
Movement: 120′ (40′)
Attacks: Weapon
Damage: Per weapon
Morale: 8
Architecture: 5 in 6

Looks like a regular skeleton, but it speaks with a stuttering, rattling voice. It’s actually intelligent, more NPC than monster. If one player character has recently died, this guy can be a good replacement.

Hit Dice: As you see fit, specially as a replacement character, in which case, ask the player to roll a new character, then only reskin it as a stuttering skeleton with natural armor of 14 (as Leather) and starting Architecture skill of 5. Remove any racial skills and features (like surprise for elves or Bushcraft for halflings).

Inspiration: Alien Sex Fiend

Artwork: Alien Sex Fiend, Toonclips


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