A Troika! Background | Phlebotomist


The Interdimensional Lodge of the Liquid Fire teaches the secrets of the blood, the great Masters are capable of dramatically altering the course of history with only a few drops of the vital liquid, and you could have done so if your irresponsibility had not caused your unappealable expulsion from the College. Now, with just a handful of tricks, you wander through the multiverse, making a living as a doctor and a cheater.

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  • A scalpel (damage like a Knife)
  • An autoimmune Syringe
  • A bottle of Devil Blood (damage like Fire Bolt) or Gnome Blood (produces an image like Illusion)
  • Two changes of Clothes (doctor and layperson)

Advanced Skills

2 Drain Blood
2 Scalpel Fight
1 Blood Alchemistry
1 Healing
1 Throw

Blood Alchemistry

Once a day, you can use a sample of Stolen Blood to create a potion with a random effect similar to a spell. Your referee will tell you how it works (example: you must ingest it or throw it at your target to receive the effect; but its use may vary at the convenience of the adventure).

Drain Blood

You can attack a subject with the syringe, if you succeed, you steal a blood sample but without causing harm. Stolen blood is necessary to use Blood Alchemistry.


Phlebotomist taking blood, artwork. Credit: Mary Rouncefield. CC BY-NC. Wellcome Collection.

Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial (CC BY-NC 4.0) terms and conditions.

A new background for Troika!, by Vagabundork, the Chaos Magick-User.


Chaos Magick-User, Vagabond, Dork

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