Mutant Future | Creatures from the Sonora Desert

For my new Mutant Future campaign, I’ve created some creatures inspired by the folklore, flora and fauna of Arizona and Sonora, as well as the Mayan peninsula. Here are some of them.

Death Buzzard: A gigantic vulture with a human-like skull head. It will eat your organs and even your items. [AL N, MV Fly 120’ (40’) Walk 90’ (30’), AC 7, HD 4 (18hp), #AT bite, DG 1d10, SV L4, ML 11, Hoard Class: 6, Mutations: gigantism, killing sphere.]

Dtundtuncan (aka the bird of evil): A blind large black bird with a huge, blood-red beak. Its empty, milky eyes make it look as if it has no soul. He eats children and small animals, and will attack adults if food is scarce. The dtundtuncan is a solitary hunter. [AL C, MV Fly 120’ (40’) Walk 90’ (30’), AC 7, HD 6 (36hp), #AT claw/claw or bite, DG 1d4/1d4 or 1d10, SV L6, ML 12, Hoard Class: 4, Mutations: gigantism, night vision, unique sense (feels warm blood).]

Flesh Butterfly: Large flying fox (human-size megabat) with human-like intelligence that feeds only on the nectar of the blue agave flowers, from which they obtain water and nutrients. It talks in a high pitch and sings with beautiful, deep voices.

  • Brood: [AL N, MV Fly 120’ (40’) Walk 60’ (20’), AC 9, HD 2 (8hp), #AT 2 claw/claw or 1 bite, DG 1d4/1d4 or 1d6, SV L2, ML 9, Hoard Class: none, Mutations: echolocation]
  • Mother: [AL N, MV Fly 120’ (40’) Walk 60’ (20’), AC 9, HD 2 (10hp), #AT 2 claw/claw or 1 bite, DG 1d4/1d4 or 1d6, SV L2, ML 9, Hoard Class: none, Mutations: echolocation, force screen]

Toad of Blight: A 2 ft/60 cm tall toad, poopy brown in color and full of peroxide oozing warts. When threatened, it shoots a stream of peroxide aimed at the target’s eyes or hands (if they are holding something metal, like most weapons). The target must make a Saving Throw vs. Stun Attacks, on a failure he will be blinded for 1d4 days or the weapon he holds in his hands will suffer almost instantaneous rust, rendering it permanently useless. Eating its fresh heart produces altered visions of the origin and destruction of the world (for 1d4 entire hours), and doubles the XP obtained for defeating it. [AL N, MV 60’ (20’), AC 9, HD 2 (9hp), #AT peroxide stream, DG special, SV L2, ML 9, Hoard Class: none, Mutations: gigantism, aberrant form (natural weapon).]

Xolotl, the Underworld Dog: An enormous black hairless dog. The front half, from head to torso, has been replaced with a cluster of blisters and pustules filled with infectious pus. These wretched creatures seek human contact, aren’t aggressive, but are carriers of various diseases. An almost invisible but odorous miasma surrounds the dog; anyone within 30 ft/10 m must make a Saving Throw vs. Poison, modified according to disease: (1d6) 1: Flesh Eating Bacteria, 2-4: Rabies, 5-6: Superflu. [AL N, MV 90’ (30’), AC 9, HD 0 (2hp), #AT miasma, DG special, SV L0, ML 6, Hoard Class: none, Mutations: none.]

Mutations and diseases are explained in the manual. There’s a free version here. Once the hex map is complete, I will share it here as well, including, I hope, complete write-ups for every creature (it will take time, I’m slow and have a long PS4 backlog, a tall book pile and only 24 hours each day).

Dtundtuncan artwork by: LADAIbarran2001


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2 thoughts on “Mutant Future | Creatures from the Sonora Desert

  1. This gets a “thumbs up” from me. I don’t play Mutant Future, but I keep wanting to do SOMEthing with it…throw mutants and ancient tech into my campaign world desert or something. And here you’ve presented some very nice creatures for such a concept! Well done, man.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!

      You surely know it, but Mutant Future contains a chapter called Mutants & Mazes (M&M), that explains how to mix Labyrinth Lord and Mutant Future. And this is the first time I’m running MF as written, in the past it ran an M&M campaign.


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