A Troika! Background | Onna Bugeisha (female samurai)

Onna Bugeisha (female samurai)

You follow the doctrine of the Way of the Warrior, and are a fierce and lethal warrior, trained in combat, self-defense and the skillful use of weapons; your training allows you to face without fear not only the samurai, but also demons and even gods, either on horseback or on foot. When the battle is imminent, you will always go forward and inspire your troops. But the era of swordsmen, and swordswomen, has passed, and your society demands other tasks from you: being a mother and wife, and only holding arms when a stranger threatens the tranquility of your people. But you were never good at accepting a passive, supporting role. One day you took your naginata and your kaiken, you rode your horse and went to explore the multiverse.

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  • Naginata (as Polearm) or Katana (as Sword)
  • Kaiken (as Knife)
  • Bow
  • A White Horse
  • Samurai Armour (-3 Damage, 4 Encumbrance)
  • Gala Costume and Jingasa Hat

Advanced Skills

3 Naginata or Katana Fight
3 Kaiken Fight
2 Bow Fight
1 Ride
1 Inspire


When you are the first to attack in a fight, your teammates gain one of the following: 1) one extra initiative Token, or 2) a +1 damage bonus. Both last until the encounter ends. Players choose their benefit; henchmen and NPCs roll 1d2 instead.


When you are unarmoured in an encounter, you gain one extra initiative Token.


Yoshitoshi Musha Burui (Heroine Hangaku), artwork. Credit: Tsukioka Yoshitoshi.
A background for Troika!, by Vagabundork.

A Troika! Background | Phlebotomist


The Interdimensional Lodge of the Liquid Fire teaches the secrets of the blood, the great Masters are capable of dramatically altering the course of history with only a few drops of the vital liquid, and you could have done so if your irresponsibility had not caused your unappealable expulsion from the College. Now, with just a handful of tricks, you wander through the multiverse, making a living as a doctor and a cheater.

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  • A scalpel (damage like a Knife)
  • An autoimmune Syringe
  • A bottle of Devil Blood (damage like Fire Bolt) or Gnome Blood (produces an image like Illusion)
  • Two changes of Clothes (doctor and layperson)

Advanced Skills

2 Drain Blood
2 Scalpel Fight
1 Blood Alchemistry
1 Healing
1 Throw

Blood Alchemistry

Once a day, you can use a sample of Stolen Blood to create a potion with a random effect similar to a spell. Your referee will tell you how it works (example: you must ingest it or throw it at your target to receive the effect; but its use may vary at the convenience of the adventure).

Drain Blood

You can attack a subject with the syringe, if you succeed, you steal a blood sample but without causing harm. Stolen blood is necessary to use Blood Alchemistry.


Phlebotomist taking blood, artwork. Credit: Mary Rouncefield. CC BY-NC. Wellcome Collection.

Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial (CC BY-NC 4.0) terms and conditions.

A new background for Troika!, by Vagabundork, the Chaos Magick-User.

Over the Edge, sample characters

I made some characters to try to understand how character creation works in Over the Edge third edition.

Below their names, there the question mark, that is, a description of the character’s conflicting public and private personas. It’s what everyone they are but there is always a doubt.

Next, main and side traits, which tell us who the characters are or what they do. These traits represent the characters knowledge, line of work, expertise, skills, etc.

Finally, here comes trouble. It’s the «this is what my character would do» meme as seen on the edge. When the character should do the sensible thing to do, this is what he does instead.

The Eternal Burroughs of Melniboné

William Burroughs
I might be losing my mind-?
Drug, sex and art related experimentally writer
Guns enthusiast
Trouble: drugs make me crazy(ier)

Red Miller
Light tempered-?
Good hearted and bucolic lumberjack
Passionate house man
Trouble: drink and revenge make me mad (angry)

Chaotic Good-?
Melancholy Melnibonéan Warlock Prince
Eternal champion
Trouble: I’m pragmatic but my emotions tend to take control

Mad Max
Lawful good and even-tempered-?
Extreme driver of the wasteland
Patrol car cop
Trouble: revenge and damage to my car make me mad (crazy)

Max Miller of the Red Wasteland is Mad

Smoke Maker | A Troika! Background

Smoke Maker

You work in a smoke factory. You don’t know what is manufactured in it or who’s your boss. But you know your foreman (and half the time you would like to strangle him with your own hands). The pay is bad, but at least you can eat once a day, or two if you manage well. Oh well, that’s over. Early in the morning you strangled your foreman and, yes, you are now a fugitive. Not that they really want to catch you, but if they have the opportunity they will use you as an example for all the other workers and their fantasies of revolution.


Cheap Pipe
Chimney-Pot Hat
Elegant Rags
Ruby Lorgnettes (see Troika! Numinous Edition p. 57)

Advanced Skills

3 Smoke Craft
3 Fist Fighting
2 Strength
1 Hammer Fighting
1 Blacksmithing

Smoke Craft

You can manipulate the smoke as though it was clay, but without solidity. You can create shapes or move it like a puppet. You can also do tricks with the smoke of your pipe.

I’m working on a setting for Troika! Numinous Edition. Seriously, guys, you should try it! There’s no other game like it, there’s no fun like it out there. Anyway, I’m working on an End of Time setting ‘zine and although it will take some time to finish the first issue, I wanted to share some of the things I’m making. I had previously posted the Candle Witch, another character background, and I got a few positive comments on Facebook and Reddit. If you like it, I’d like to know. If you think it’s boring, I’d like to know too, so I can do better!

Keep the fire ablaze!

Candle Witch | A Troika! Background

Candle Witch

You know many tricks. You use these tricks to entertain the kids and distract grown ups, while your partners in crime steal their cows or some corn. And you just need a lit candle. If things get an ant color (that is, when they get ugly), you can use your reliable fusil (there are many like it but this one is yours) or the battered sword that your mother left you.


Battered sword (-1 to damage roll)
Waxed hat that protects from rain

Advanced Skills

3 Candlemaking
2 Spell – Candlemaking
1 Fusil Fighting
1 Second Sight
1 Sleight of Hand
1 Spell – One from this list: Amity, Babble, Beffudle, Breach, Ember, Fear, Flash, Natter, Quench, Read Stars
1 Spell – One from the complete list (from Troika! or the ones included here, or any other source)
1 Spell – Shadowplay
1 Sword Fighting

New Advanced Skill | Candlemaking

A craft skill that allows you to make candles and wax objects, braid wicks, and other actions related to the trade.

New Spell | Candlemaking (2 per volume)

By lighting a candle, you can use its flame to melt a surface as if it were made of wax. Every 2 points of Stamina sacrificed allow to melt a volume approximate to that of a human head.

New Spell | Shadowplay (1 per viewer)

The wizards who invented this spell came from a tradition of shadow theater. Even in bad light conditions (but not in total darkness) you can create shadows with your hands. Spectators must Test their Luck (or Skill for Enemies), or they will be captivated while the spell is active. The magician can interrupt the spell at will, or it ends automatically when he loses his concentration (such as suffering an attack or going to sleep).

I’m working on a ‘zine for Troika! Numinous Edition. Seriously, guys, you should get it! It’s a wonder!

Anyway, I’m working on an End of Time setting ‘zine and although it will take some time to finish the first issue, I wanted to share some of the things I’m making. I have also posted the Smoke Maker, another character background. If you think it’s boring, I’d like to know too, so I can do better! If you like it, please tell me!