Rick Loomis passed away :(

As reported by Steve Crompton, legendary publisher and game designer Rick Loomis, lost his fight against cancer. These are truly sad news and he will be missed by everyone who knew him or his story.

On August 23, 2019, a day before his birthday, he died from medical complications at the age of 72.

[Rick] had the ability to give his people the freedom to develop their own solutions to problems and then he would calmly guide them … he attracted so many talented people like Mike Stackpole, Larry Ditillio, Liz Danforth, Jennifer Roberson, Ken St Andre and so many others who went on to create entire worlds and realms — Rick encouraged that in a way few do.

Rick sacrificed his life for a dream. A dream of wonderful, fun games and worlds of adventure. Games that inspired creativity and fun. Rick’ s games were always in the end, about fun – not winning. [-Steve]

Godspeed, dear Rick. You will always be one of my heroes and an inspiration for many.

Rick Loomis (August 24, 1946 – August 23, 2019)

Help Rick Loomis to fight cancer (updated: Rick passed away)

Update: Rick Loomis passed away

If you want to help Rick, every penny is a gold piece. Please visit this GO Fund Me that Steve Crompton created to support this great, great man.

Rick Loomis has been an important part of the game industry for almost 50 years, and now he is in the fight of his life with cancer. Even though he is a US army veteran and qualifies for medicare, Rick’s share of the medical bills are now in the tens of thousands of dollars. Please help his family through this terrible time and help keep the legacy of Flying Buffalo going strong.

I don’t usually say capitalists are great people. Most are not. But if you read Rick’s story, how he supported Ken St. Andre to make Tunnels & Trolls a reality and how after 40 years he remains faithful to his own and Ken’s vision, and you will understand why I say so.